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 Superior RB Applications

Superior RB Applications:

Superior Radiant Insulation is an affiliate of Polar-Ply Corporation who has thirty five years of aluminum foil converting experience.  For more information about Superior Insulation products, please call (909) 305-1450.

  1. Attics: New construction - Superior RB draped between rafters or trusses just prior to sheathing. Or, stapled between, or across the face of top chord of truss or bottom of rafters.
  2. Cathedral Ceilings: New Construction - In 2" x 1 0"s or greater with R-19, Superior RB should be stapled between trusses or rafters approximately 1-1/2" below 5. deck. Note: A vapor barrier should be used below fiberglass.
  3. Sidewalls: Apply Superior RB on studs after batts have been installed between studs. Nail 3/4" x 1-1/2" furring strips over radiant barrier into studs. This provides a 3/4" space between radiant barrier and drywall. This also makes an excellent vapor retarder. Because this is an enclosed air space it would provide an additional R-value of R-2.77.
  4. Floors: Under floors over crawl spaces, in addition to being draped over joists prior to sheathing, Superior RB can be stapled between joists 1" to 1-1/2" below flooring. Excellent for reducing winter heat loss.
  5. Kneewalls: Apply Superior RB to studs on attic side prior to installing fiberglass. Superior RB is an excellent backer for wet spray-on cellulose.
Direct lamination to the roof sheathing with Polar-Ply Radiant Barrier Sheathing requires no additional construction labor.

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